Things to See on Your Holidays in Jordan

jordanGavin Manerowski recently visited Jordon. This was a memorable journey for him. Jordon is an amazing place that is named after Jordon River. It is a beautiful place and blessed with a number of wonders. Jordan is located at the crossroads of Asia, Africa and Europe. Jordan is a center of attraction for the visitors of all over the world. It is a very famous place due to its friendly towns, world heritage sites and inspiring desert landscapes. We should allow at least two days to make the most of a visit, specially as the sites are far flung. It could be best seen in early morning and late afternoon, It also require a fair amount of walking.

Gavin Manerowski is a food lover also, he enjoyed the famous dishes of Jordan like hummus and Ful medames. Gavin really enjoyed the national dish of Jordan, that is mansaf. Mansaf dish consists of a plate of rice with boiled meat in thick yogurt and sprayed with nuts or herbs. As an old tradition Gavin enjoyed that dish with hands and that makes it more delicious. Simple fresh fruit is often served towards the end of a Jordanian meal.

Gavin Manerowski appreciates this country because of its spirit of generous optimism – opening its arms to strangers. In whole world, Jordan is renowned for the production of olives, in Jordan olive oil is the main cooking oil. Gavin visited the famous amazing places in Jordan and loves to share his wonderful experience. He visited Azraq Wetlands – located in the heart of the arid Eastern Desert. It was a perfect place for nature walk. Gavin had beautiful birds watching experience over there.  He also visited Dana, that is a village near the town of Tafilah, in central-western Jordan. Dana was an amazingly beautiful natural place, such a peaceful environment that no one would like to leave. He visited Wadi Rum, known as the valley of the moon. He Experience the environment of the open desert covered by sheer mountains and vast, silent panoramas. The most amazing place that Gavin has visited in Jordan is – The dead sea. The dead sea is a salt lake that is bordered by Jordan to the east and Israel and Palestine to the west. Floating in the Dead Sea is a wonderful experience. Perfect place to enjoy beautiful sunsets at the lowest point on earth.

Gavin Manerowski feels blessed to get such amazing experiences of beautiful places among world. Jordan trips is a “Trip of Lifetime” for him. He got connected with nature, enjoyed food, experienced new culture. Jordan is better and safer travel option than any of its neighbors. We all should visit this amazing place.


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