Mysterious Places around the World

mysterious-places-on-earthGavin Manerowski is a great traveler and a nature lover. He traveled to various places to see the different colors of nature. He is always curious about different cultures, all over the world. Gavin Manerowski says that Earth never stops surprising us. Every corner of this planet is full of surprises. There are various places that are surrounded by the secrets and mysteries, the world continues to reveal. When we are unable to describe any incident, then we name it ‘Mystery’. As we all believe that some things are better left unsaid, similarly some places are better left unblemished. Mysterious places have their own charm and attraction. However, not everything needs to be explained to be enjoyed. Gavin’s describes some famous mysterious places of this world. It seems very interesting to know about those amazing places that are full of secrets. An example of such place is Stonehenge, England, one of the oldest examples of architecture from the Neolithic and the Bronze Age. Here, several ‘menhirs’ are found, placed in the form of a circle, that were individually brought from various other places. After that, it’s designed artificially to resemble the structure found today. What makes it strange is the fact that each of these standing stones weighs tons and it is a mystery as to how people in ancient times transported them.

Gavin Manerowski describes ‘Blood Falls, Antarctica’ as one of the most mysterious place in this world. The sight is arresting: a blood-red waterfall staining the snow-white face of Taylor Glacier. Recent research has revealed this mystery. Microorganisms are living 1,300 feet beneath the ice, sustained by the iron and sulfur in water, which causes the mysterious red flow. Magnetic Hill, Moncton, New Brunswick is a very famous tourist place cause an automobile to roll backward uphill. The magnetic hill is an example of gravity hill. Surtsey, Iceland is another mysterious place that is known as volcanic island. Before 1963, it didn’t exist. Then, due to an underwater volcano, it came into existence. Another famous place Mount Roraima is the highest of pakaraima mountain chain. Covered by the dreamy clouds, the top of Mount Roraima is actually flat, resembling the structure of a sprawling plateau. This makes it more amazing. The fact that the vegetation and wildlife visible in abundance here, makes this place more strange and mysterious. The Nevada Desert in the United States is another place that is really weird. It is basically known as the Fly Geyser. This however is not a tourist spot, because of that reason it is not open to public.

Gavin Manerowski reminds the Neil Armstrong’s famous quote, “Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man’s desire to understand.” We often associate the word ‘mystery’, with the unknown. When something is unable to describe or explain, that becomes mysterious. Human nature is full of curiosity regarding the wonders. It’s an amazing feeling to know about the mysteries around us.


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