Things to See on Your Holidays in Belarus

belarusBelarus is a country of wide plains, deep dark forests, and over ten thousand lakes. There are also large tracts of wild, desolate marshland. Everywhere the land is flat with three major rivers running through. These are the Neman, the Pripyat, and the Dnieper. The Dnieper River flows southward towards the black sea, whilst both the Neman and Pripyat flow southward and into the Dnieper. The forest covers over one third of Belarus’s 80000 square miles. They are incredibly beautiful and mysterious places where birches, oaks, maple, and pine provide shelter for European bison, bears, wolves, lynx and   deer. Where the forest ends, the tourist will find picturesque villages and historical monument in the form of churches, monasteries, and castles that date back to the twelfth century. Gavin Manerowski traveled Belarus and his experience is marvelous & memorable.

Minsk is the capital city of Belarus. It is situated on a picturesque location by the Svislach River, which was one of the busiest trade routes connecting the Baltic and black sea. The city is a great center of Belarusian culture presents the country story in its new museum and exhibition. It is also the home for famous for Belarusian ballet. The climate of Belarus brings harsh winters and cool, damp summers into many parts.

Belarus is a traditional and charming unique country, often overlooked by tourists like Gavin Manerowski. Travel into landlocked Belarus through sweeping marshy areas and thick forest where deer, wild boars, and buffaloes reside, you will find crystal of the city’s main attraction lies in its more recent past. Russian architecture rebuilt Minsk in Supreme Soviet style after the destruction of Socialist – Realist urban planning with gargantuan lining boulevards. Lenin still stands in front of the House of Government. Belarus is situated in the center of Europe and has international borders with Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, and Latvia. The Belarus unique environment is host to a fascinating selection of rare plants and animal species, plus several national parks and a range of significant conservation project. Belarus is a very green landscape which gives the amazing view to the travelers. Clear lakes as well as warm hospitality from the locals. You’ll undoubtedly want to visit Minsk. There are various locations you will like to visit like Church of St Peter, and Paul or the historical cathedral of St Virgin Mary. Yet some say there are the many lakes in the northern region of Belarus. Several areas of land in Belarus which contains unique landscape, rare plants and animal species designated as National parks and are conserved by state.

Despite its turbulent history of war and destruction, many architectural treasures and attraction of Belarus has been survived to tell the history of this fascinating country. Artistic movements and religion have played their part in shaping the architecture of Belarus with the main example of Romanesque and Gothic, Baroque and Classicism, Modernism, and Eclecticism to be found across the country.

Belarus enjoys a rich culture and artistic heritage that date back many centuries, taking in several schools of arts and architecture and producing much unique musical and literary work. Fine arts in Belarus vary in style, direction and genre. The most captivating work by Belarus artists in different periods can be seen in museums across the country. Most people can play at least one musical instrument and music in the country today boast a unique mixture of styles and influences.

Belarusian cuisines have evolved over the countries. Belarusian culinary tradition represents a mixture of small spices used by commoners and a sophisticated cuisine of the nobility, an extensive use of local ingredient and unusual way of cooking. It is a variety of meat and poultry dishes, all sorts of home-made sausages, salty, by product dishes. It is also rich in fish dishes Belarusian used to make “Yushka” dumpling salt and smoked fish. Belarusian cuisine is cooked by the lengthy processing of products. Belarusian cuisine offers a wide variety of dishes made from vegetables like Soup Zhur (Cooked prior to lent and can be alternatively made of milk and meat), based on oat water polivika (a thin soup made from cereals and vegetables).morkva (carrot soups), gryzhanka (Turnip soup), garbuzok (pumpkin soup) and other kinds of dishes. For many centuries the Belarusian desert is famous solodukha (malt dough), kulaga (thick beverages made from berries, flour, sugar and honey) and baked apples are also popular.

So all the travelers who are looking for a distinguished country to visit than Belarus is the option which will fulfill all your desire for the wonderful vacation because when you get there you will know how exotic the country is. It has exotic location, landscapes, and the wonderful cuisine of the country. It has incredible location to visit which will leave you resplendent.


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