Meditative Places – A Journey to Inner Self

man sunrise meditatiionMeditation is the most effective form of stress reduction. It is a state of deep peace that occurs when our mind becomes calm and silent. Gavin Manerowski believes that the travel is an ultimate meditation practice. He feels overjoyed to share his experience of traveling to different meditative places all over the world. He visits to Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Marin County, which was once used by Native Americans for spiritual rites. There were as well as ongoing classes on the themes of meditation. People come there for the healing of their heart and body, to be able to face the challenges in life.
Gavin Manerowski says that after spending the time in nature and stillness their spirit has been renewed. The Spirit Rock Meditation Center helps to quiet the mind, soften the heart and to see life in a new way. Another place that he visits is Rolling Meadows meditation and yoga retreat center over-looking the hills of coastal Maine. Retreats that held throughout the year, helps to increase awareness and simplify. Talking is encouraged during guided sessions that offer the chance to ask questions and talk about how to integrate the experiences into daily life.
Gavin Manerowski also visits to Osho Meditation Resort, Pune, India. Osho was a mystic, A Great Philosopher born in India.  All guests at the Osho Meditation Resort were required to wear dark red robes due to Osho’s belief. When many people wear color maroon and meditate together, it adds the collective meditative energy. After meditations Gavin felt that his inner self is full of positive energy. He starts to discover his own inner source of self-motivation, self-respect and enthusiasm for life.
Gavin Manerowski truly believes the Osho words “Many meditative techniques require one to sit still and silent. But for most of us accumulated stress in our body and mind makes that difficult. Before we can hope to access our inner powerhouse of consciousness, we need to let go of our tensions”. A very beautiful place visited by Gavin was Ala, Kukui, Maui, Hawaii. Ala Kukui, means “Pathway of Illumination”. This place is located in Hana, known as the land where the heavens meet the earth due to its striking beauty. Gavin enjoyed Vipassana meditation, silence and healing retreats here.Programs in yoga, writing and gardening were also available there. It attracts those in search of spiritual restoration and creative expression.
Gavin Manerowski’s experience of meditation on various places, all over the world was magically awesome. He was able to feel a drastic change in his thoughts and life. He feels more emotionally intelligent and now able to catch himself more quickly in social situations. Meditation helps to make a person mentally and physically sharper. People nowadays are becoming more and more confident in the power of meditation. Gavin Manerowski suggest everyone to adapt mediation to avoid negativity and to live a positive life. It will surely help you to heal your wounds and find strength for a new life-chapter.


Planning a Trip This Season to Italy

ItalyBella Italia! The phrase that you will hear many times from the Italians during your travel throughout the Italy. It means Beautiful Italy and it’s something you will say after your visit. Italy is such a beautiful country that you will experience the most wonderful time of your life. Let’s start off with the Rome, The capital of the Italy. The Italian will tell you that Rome has the largest outdoor museum in the world. There are the two thousand years of history spread throughout the city. As you walk and drive you will see the things that, will you leave amazed with the exceptionally beautiful sculptures. Rome Colosseum is the symbol of ancient Rome. Surviving earthquakes and centuries of stone – thieves the magnificent Colosseum, remain the most enduring symbols of Ancient Rome. Colosseum by night is eye pleasing. The Foro Romano Filled with the temples, monuments, and markets. The Forum was the center of public in ancient Rome. And the most celebrated meeting place in the world. At the nearby of the Constantine an inscription bears the word inspired by the divine. The Pantheon was one of the oldest Roman buildings. It has long been the center of Christianity, because it has the world largest church Saint Peter Basilica. Rome is also called the “city of Seven Hills”. The eternal city is very famous for the art, culture and rich heritage. There are many ancient places and one of them is “Golden House of Nero”. Further, there are many more things like Vatican museum, piazza novena, and the Capitoline museum which grab the tourist attention. The climate here is quite enjoyable for the travelers as the winter is cold, snowy and summer is dry. Only the lowland valleys have hot summers. Another important thing about the Italian culture is the folk music and classical music which plays a major role. Other than this visual treat, Italy is famous for its football team, which is the second successful team in the world.

Florence is the most visiting cities after Rome. There is no doubt that the Florence is the Renaissance capital of Italy and it is the ideal place for art. Everywhere you turned this city boast wonderful sculptures and incredible architecture. The highlight of Florence is undoubtedly The Uffizi gallery. It is the finest places for art in the world. The second major museum in the city is The Academia is the home to the exquisite statues of David. Museum made of the marble from the hills of Carrera and Michelangeo’s. They showcase some of the breathtaking architecture of the Renaissance era, including Brunelleschi’s magnificent dome that dominate the skyline. Ghiberti’s gates of paradise and Giotto’s bell tower in the piazza dell Duomo. That cathedral is the largest in the Europe and is magnificent inside and outside. Climb up the step that will take you Architecture linked the worlds of science, math’s, and art and each of the buildings can be studied from the variety of angles to little closer the inside of the dome and you will appreciate the detail and the skill that went to the famous fresco that adorns it.

Milan is another worth visiting for Italy holiday. It’s also the fashions center. To explore what’s new in the fashion, visit streets of Milan. Venice, the city of love is a place which Shakespeare talked about before. It is a city where romantic moment is enjoyed by the thousands of lovers. Exchange of flower and beautiful streams that take from one place to another is quite amazing Cinque Terre, Liguria. These are the five islands in the Italy which has been declared in the Heritage list by UNESCO. They stretch along the coast of the Riviera and are a place where ancient tradition is guarded. This is a place worth considering for the Italy holiday. Tuscany and Umbria region add to the entertainment list for the person visiting Italy. There are several vineyards where one can see sight see and enjoy some of the world famous wines in Italian wines like Chianti.

Ultimately the purpose of travelling is to stimulate the sense with a unique experience. Travel experience make you experience the sensation associated with the place and their sights, smells, flavors, famous destination that will make you to remember that place forever. The Italians will greet you from the moment of your arrival, at once claiming the mind and the enticing beauty of the place. Italy is one of the most famous countries; one cannot avoid travel to there because it will give an aesthetic sense about the variety and rich culture of the Italy. It will give you the exotic feeling that lead to remember the place forever.

On a recent trip to Italy, Gavin Manerowski exploring the beauty of historical sites and city of love. So make your travel experience more wonderful with the Italy, which will leave you spellbound through its beauty.

Belgium: Best Kept Secret of Europe


Belgium is best known for diamond cutting industry and chocolates, it is a very famous tourist destination in Europe. Belgium has always overshadowed by some of the countries surrounding it. But within the time Belgium has become more popular among travelers. Belgium hold a string of the historical cities that hold the distinction for their magnificent architecture, matches less cuisine and wonderful location. Cities such as Liege, Namur, Burges, Antwerp, Ghent, and Brussels are the most famous places to be in. It is a multicultural land and multi language land. It is may be a small country, but it has many interesting sites worth visiting, such as the grand Palace or charming medieval houses in Burges. It is even better to visit during one of the many festivals in Belgium, so that you can participate in the rich Belgium culture and the dynamic atmosphere. Belgium is situated in Northern Europe, bordering North Sea, between France and Netherlands, Belgium as a country that can boast of rich historical past, the country is studded with museum and rich historical sites. The period from May to September is the best time to visit Belgium; the summer is a good time to visit Brussels. Belgium is truly a remarkable country with full of stunning architecture, and quaint cobblestone square. It has incredible cuisine. Gavin Manerowski said that the kingdom of Belgium encompasses all the best that Europe has to offer in an area no bigger than Maryland. With its unique diversity of culture, scenery, sacred places and religious centers will attract you towards go every year.

The Great Palace of Brussels is the historic center piece of one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities and glittering ornate. You have only to look at the two of the most prominent symbols of Brussels to sense that there is so much surrealism in the essential characters of Belgium. It is the most fascinating nation which will offer you beautiful countryside in its fully wooded south and the flatter North and perhaps most famously it provides the most diverse range of beer and chocolates which is famous all over the world. Europe is a full of wonderful destination and Belgium is one of that. It provides you the entire traveler’s wish list, which you wanted from your vacation. You will get intrigued upon seeing the natural science museum that is located near the parliament. This museum hosts the largest dinosaur exhibition   along with their outstanding whales and shell collections. Belgium is quite an exquisite city to travel for tourist due to rich in heritage, monuments and cultural. If you have a divine love for art, then this is the right destination for you. This is truly a beautiful place to travel and get to know the different culture. Belgium may not be the first country you will get into mind when you think of birds watching tours. But despite the fact that this charming little country has a much stronger association with its medieval history and its production of delicious chocolates, it also has a fascinating array of avian life that makes a bird watching tour to Belgium an excellent choice. The coastal area of Belgium is perhaps one of the best places to spot the migratory bird that come here in winter. Smaller the country the prettier it is. European countries are same whether it is landlocked Hungary or little Belgium abode. Belgium is a veiled appeal of Europe that is quietly sitting amidst the most alluring cities of the continent in London, Paris and Amsterdam. Belgium is an assortment of passé Europe grandeur. The tiny country is a melting plot of culture, which is made up of medieval cities, traditional towns, striking town halls, mesmerize castles. The USP of the Belgium is nightlife enchantment, and natural gleams are ready to snatch compliment from you.

The Capital city is a treasure trove of “Gothic culture” and unhurried lifestyle which become more spectacular with medieval tents. It is a cosmopolitan city which is known for its joyous ambience. The cultural history and its legacies are the most diverse in the towns. So basically Belgium is the natural hidden gem of the Europe which you need to open and explore the things under the gem.

Gavin Manerowski Travels Spain: The Gateway to the Old World

Gavin Manerowski Madrid

Spain is always known for its beaches and sunny weather. One can find flower of different shape, sizes, and color in Spain. Spain has got to be the place to be.  Spain is such a beautiful country you will get to see lots of things other than the weather and beaches and sangria. This is the side of the Spain that is often paid.  Spain is vast and beautiful and blessed and it is amazingly diverse. Barcelona and Ben dorm are fantastic, but still there are other places to visit and explore. Knowing more about Spain, knows more reasons to love it, the more you know the country, the more you want to live it up here, more you want to explore. Once you will visit here you will never be same.

Spain occupies a prominent position on the map of European family tourism destination. Pristine nature, Mediterranean grace, cuisine, glittery city life, and hoards of other attraction. Spain is the land of oddities. From bullfight to Gaudi to partying away in Ibiza, travelers could easily spend a year exploring Spain.

Spain is one of the most visited countries in Europe. Some people visit Spain in summer, but many things are closed.  Festivals in Spain begin in late July and carry on through august. If you are traveling in summer then you have to aware that banks and post offices will be closed. They had so many conquests that the empire, they build was one wherein the sun never set. Although Spain is known to be a hot country, it is not always associated with the beaches. There are great beaches communities, but you will find a balance in its landscapes. If you are looking for the snowy mountains, deserts mashes, and meadows – all of those terrains can be found in Spain. Famous mountains ranges like the Pyrenees and Sierra Nevada have held the interest of a lot of visitors till now. The island territory of this country is also worth living in like the Balearic Island (Mediterranean Sea), the canary island (Atlantic Ocean) and the other small island located in the strait of Gibraltar. There is a wonder of choices for those who want to go for a vacation in Spain.

There are various historical cities, which are famous in Spain. Madrid is one of the beautiful cities in Spain. It is also called the “Gate of the Sun”, Gavin Manerowski explores Madrid, which is one of the memorable experiences you will get while exploring Madrid. Amidst to its beauty now tourist major attraction is a massive sculpture of  a bear planted atop of Madrid’s famous  Regina hotel,  on its most celebrated  Alcala Street . The bear is depicted eating the fruit of a tree which gives the city of Madrid its name.

The stunning Spanish coastal city of Barcelona is famous as lively, dynamic, beautiful, dynamic, and thrilling location, which makes it a favorite with tourist and people who are likely to explore Spain. Because of its location in Barcelona as a base to explore the Spanish, Mediterranean coastline, you can also easily travel from Barcelona to the ski resort of Pyrenees. Well architecturally speaking, it is world renowned for its modernistic Gaudi structure and yet it is also famous for its Gothic and art Nouveau architecture too. Within the city, there are museum, galleries, art center, cinemas, theaters, concert venues and shopping malls. And within a stone’s throw from the city center you have the beach and amusement park for enjoyment.

“Rural Tourism” is gaining ground in Spain. “Andalucia” is one such destination, where travelers marvel at the sight of whitewashed rural establishment. Cottage and country house are often majorly used for staying purpose.

Spain is a place of unending attractions. Be it enjoying nature magic or adoring the symbol of modern human endeavor, holiday rentals in Spain will never dishearten you. The Spain is the perfect destination for all year around, but if you are looking for a unique or special experience, mingling with the locals, enjoying the good weather and the beach in calm and stress free, then a good time to go is during the month of April.

So go and visit the Spain they will help you to experience, how to measure time not in clocks but in heartbeats. So Spain will leave you spellbound and mesmerize with its unique culture, and amazing architecture.

Fitness Is Not the Destination, its A Way of Life

A gym is a place where everyone shows up to work to attain a goal, it can be anything like overall health, to bulk up, losing weight, or increased power and flexibility and a gym trainer are always an inspiration for all those people. Such an inspiration is Gavin Manerowski.


Gavin Manerowski is a gym lover and a fitness freak. He is a gym trainer by profession in the United Kingdom. He is highly motivated. As an instructor, he always praises and encourages his students and reassures them that they are succeeding. Gavin always shows a genuine interest in the progress of their students and provide explanations for the instruction. Students got attracted most toward his instructions in gym when they understand what they are doing and the benefits it will have on their physical and mental health. Gavin is very much dedicated toward his professional improvements.

Gavin wants everyone to enjoy being active instead of being stressed and due to that philosophy, he utilizes a variety of equipment and exercises to provide the best workout for his clients, such an enthusiastic personality he is always looking forward to help others to adapt a healthy lifestyle.

Gavin Manerowski says that “sometimes it can be difficult for students to adjust with new exercise equipment and body movements. It can create a sense of discouragement among students. In that situation instructors must show patience and understanding. As an instructor, I always talk to my students and help them understand that anxiety, fear and confusion are normal emotions and that they can be overcome. That is called real motivation.”