Top 8 Places for a Family Vacation all Over the World

family-destinationGavin Manerowski believes that the time spent with family is always amazing. He loves the idea of traveling to various places with family. Travel with kids sometimes gives a lovely feeling of sheer joy. Gavin Manerowski recently went on tour with his family to some beautiful places. When you plan your holidays with family, you can choose places like beach or amusement parks. If children are also going on trip so we should choose a place according to them. There are various places in this world that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Gavin Manerowski has described some places that every person would love to visit with family.

Here are some enjoyable places to experience with family –

  • Disney Cruises

It is a fun place for people of all ages no matter whether a child or an old person.  This place provides amazing services that takes care about almost everything. You do not need to be worried about food allergies of your child. You will get separate menus.

  • Algarve

Algarve is located in Portugal. This is known as the most popular destination and third richest region of Portugal. This place is having huge beaches and family-friendly resorts.  People can enjoy various sports over there like horse riding and water sports. Gavin Manerowski had unforgettable time in Algarve with their family. In summer season, this place looks more amazing with sun light.

  • Florida

Florida is a state that is located in the southeastern region of the United States. Gavin Manerowski recently visited Florida with his family. There are clean sandy beaches and wildlife parks to explore. Florida is a great attraction for many tourists all over the world because of its Disney’s Magic Kingdom and Universal Studios. SeaWorld of Orlando is incredible. Everyone should experience this mind blowing place.

  • Greek islands

Greek island attracts travelers toward its gorgeous beaches and clear blue sea. These islands give relaxation to mind. Greek island can be best places to visit with families because there is always something for everyone. These islands are beautiful and peaceful that helps to throw away all kind of stress. We can experience Greek islands with families, in our limited budget also.

  • Spanish mainland

Spanish Mainland is a worth seeing place, it provides you almost everything that you need. It has plenty of sunshine and natural beauty that a human soul need. It offers various family-focused entertainment options.  Tourist can have delicious and affordable food and drinks supermarkets and restaurant. Some Spanish cities like Madrid and Barcelona offer art galleries and white Knuckle rides attractions.

  • Princess Cruises, Alaska

Princess cruise recognize that people at different ages has different needs. To present adventures, Princess has linked up with Discovery channel. Alaska cruise vacation is marvelous idea, each day gives new experience. Princess cruises Alaska is the Twelve-time winner of “best cruise line in Alaska”.

  • Andros – The Out Islands of the Bahamas

This is a place having wonderful underwater caves. Activities that one can do here are like fishing, hikes through pine forests and diving. This is an amazing place to spend unforgettable time with family.  Gavin Manerowski visited this place in the month of June and enjoyed the popular crab fest there.

  • Canary Islands

Canary Islands are completely perfect choice for vacation with families.  These are also known as canaries. Its well organized restaurants and cafes are always welcoming customers of all ages. Each island has individual characters that are appealing to families.

Gavin Manerowski believes that our present life is going really fast. In this hectic and haggard work schedules we have no time to spend with family.  We have no time to sit with family members and to appreciate them. A personal and emotional communication is essential in families. We all should find some time to communicate with our own family. For this, trips to lovely places can be an awesome idea. We can go away from our daily work and also can spend lovely time with family.  Gavin Manerowski suggests everyone to plan some trips with family and enjoy it at its full. The moments that we spend with family are precious and one could cherish it for years.


Things to See on Your Holidays in Belarus

belarusBelarus is a country of wide plains, deep dark forests, and over ten thousand lakes. There are also large tracts of wild, desolate marshland. Everywhere the land is flat with three major rivers running through. These are the Neman, the Pripyat, and the Dnieper. The Dnieper River flows southward towards the black sea, whilst both the Neman and Pripyat flow southward and into the Dnieper. The forest covers over one third of Belarus’s 80000 square miles. They are incredibly beautiful and mysterious places where birches, oaks, maple, and pine provide shelter for European bison, bears, wolves, lynx and   deer. Where the forest ends, the tourist will find picturesque villages and historical monument in the form of churches, monasteries, and castles that date back to the twelfth century. Gavin Manerowski traveled Belarus and his experience is marvelous & memorable.

Minsk is the capital city of Belarus. It is situated on a picturesque location by the Svislach River, which was one of the busiest trade routes connecting the Baltic and black sea. The city is a great center of Belarusian culture presents the country story in its new museum and exhibition. It is also the home for famous for Belarusian ballet. The climate of Belarus brings harsh winters and cool, damp summers into many parts.

Belarus is a traditional and charming unique country, often overlooked by tourists like Gavin Manerowski. Travel into landlocked Belarus through sweeping marshy areas and thick forest where deer, wild boars, and buffaloes reside, you will find crystal of the city’s main attraction lies in its more recent past. Russian architecture rebuilt Minsk in Supreme Soviet style after the destruction of Socialist – Realist urban planning with gargantuan lining boulevards. Lenin still stands in front of the House of Government. Belarus is situated in the center of Europe and has international borders with Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, and Latvia. The Belarus unique environment is host to a fascinating selection of rare plants and animal species, plus several national parks and a range of significant conservation project. Belarus is a very green landscape which gives the amazing view to the travelers. Clear lakes as well as warm hospitality from the locals. You’ll undoubtedly want to visit Minsk. There are various locations you will like to visit like Church of St Peter, and Paul or the historical cathedral of St Virgin Mary. Yet some say there are the many lakes in the northern region of Belarus. Several areas of land in Belarus which contains unique landscape, rare plants and animal species designated as National parks and are conserved by state.

Despite its turbulent history of war and destruction, many architectural treasures and attraction of Belarus has been survived to tell the history of this fascinating country. Artistic movements and religion have played their part in shaping the architecture of Belarus with the main example of Romanesque and Gothic, Baroque and Classicism, Modernism, and Eclecticism to be found across the country.

Belarus enjoys a rich culture and artistic heritage that date back many centuries, taking in several schools of arts and architecture and producing much unique musical and literary work. Fine arts in Belarus vary in style, direction and genre. The most captivating work by Belarus artists in different periods can be seen in museums across the country. Most people can play at least one musical instrument and music in the country today boast a unique mixture of styles and influences.

Belarusian cuisines have evolved over the countries. Belarusian culinary tradition represents a mixture of small spices used by commoners and a sophisticated cuisine of the nobility, an extensive use of local ingredient and unusual way of cooking. It is a variety of meat and poultry dishes, all sorts of home-made sausages, salty, by product dishes. It is also rich in fish dishes Belarusian used to make “Yushka” dumpling salt and smoked fish. Belarusian cuisine is cooked by the lengthy processing of products. Belarusian cuisine offers a wide variety of dishes made from vegetables like Soup Zhur (Cooked prior to lent and can be alternatively made of milk and meat), based on oat water polivika (a thin soup made from cereals and vegetables).morkva (carrot soups), gryzhanka (Turnip soup), garbuzok (pumpkin soup) and other kinds of dishes. For many centuries the Belarusian desert is famous solodukha (malt dough), kulaga (thick beverages made from berries, flour, sugar and honey) and baked apples are also popular.

So all the travelers who are looking for a distinguished country to visit than Belarus is the option which will fulfill all your desire for the wonderful vacation because when you get there you will know how exotic the country is. It has exotic location, landscapes, and the wonderful cuisine of the country. It has incredible location to visit which will leave you resplendent.

Seven Wonders of the World – A Treasure Trove of Beauty

the-seven-wonders-of-the-modern-worldTraveling is a very Interesting thing which enhance our knowledge also. When we travel to different places, it seems interesting to meet with different people. Traveling helps to get connected with others to know and value the different cultures. Gavin Manerowski has visited different places all over the world. He has also visited the Seven Wonders of the World and he loves to share his experience. World’s seven wonders are world’s most spectacular natural wonders and man-made structures. These are wonderfully beautiful, so known as the wonders of the world. In the year 2000, Swiss New7Wonders initiative invited the members of the public to vote for the New Seven Wonders of the World. In 2007, the winners were announced and the following Seven Wonders of the World list is considered by many to be the definitive one:

1.    The Great Wall of China
2.    Petra (Jordan)
3.    The Colosseum (Rome, Italy)
4.    Chichén Itzá (Yucatán,Mexico)
5.    Machu Picchu (Cuzco Region, Peru)
6.    Taj Mahal (Uttar Pradesh, India)
7.    Christ the Redeemer (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Gavin Manerowski visited to see the Seven Wonders of the World and he had an awesome experience. He went to China to see The Great Wall of China, It was wonderful. The Great Wall of China is made of bricks. Before the use of bricks, the Great Wall was mainly built from stones and wood. This wall is built along an east-to-west line to protect the Chinese states and empires.  Gavin Manerowski visited Petra (Jordan) and He was amazed to see this historical place. He visited the amazing a rock-cut temple there. Next wonder that Gavin has visited is The Colosseum (Rome, Italy), also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre. It is the major tourist attraction in Rome, each year thousands of tourists are paying to see this amazing place. Next wonder is Chichén Itzá (Yucatán,Mexico), It’s The pyramid consists of a series of square terraces with stairways up each of the four sides to the temple on top. Gavin has visited the amazing place that is under the list of 7 wonders, known as Machu Picchu (Cuzco Region, Peru). Machu Picchu is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, both cultural and natural. It’s a very beautiful place that is very close to nature.  Gavin recently visited in India to see – Taj Mahal (Uttar Pradesh, India). The Taj Mahal is an ivory-white marble mausoleum. Gavin finds it awesome and was thrilled to see the finest work of marble magnificence. The seventh wonder of this world is Christ the Redeemer (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). It is a symbol of Christianity across the world. The statue has also become a cultural icon of both Rio de Janeiro and Brazil.

Gavin Manerowski feels great by watching seven wonders of this world. He has travelled to seven different places to enjoy the grace of wonders. These seven wonders left a long lasting effect over him. So, He suggests everyone to visit the seven wonders of this world.

Mysterious Places around the World

mysterious-places-on-earthGavin Manerowski is a great traveler and a nature lover. He traveled to various places to see the different colors of nature. He is always curious about different cultures, all over the world. Gavin Manerowski says that Earth never stops surprising us. Every corner of this planet is full of surprises. There are various places that are surrounded by the secrets and mysteries, the world continues to reveal. When we are unable to describe any incident, then we name it ‘Mystery’. As we all believe that some things are better left unsaid, similarly some places are better left unblemished. Mysterious places have their own charm and attraction. However, not everything needs to be explained to be enjoyed. Gavin’s describes some famous mysterious places of this world. It seems very interesting to know about those amazing places that are full of secrets. An example of such place is Stonehenge, England, one of the oldest examples of architecture from the Neolithic and the Bronze Age. Here, several ‘menhirs’ are found, placed in the form of a circle, that were individually brought from various other places. After that, it’s designed artificially to resemble the structure found today. What makes it strange is the fact that each of these standing stones weighs tons and it is a mystery as to how people in ancient times transported them.

Gavin Manerowski describes ‘Blood Falls, Antarctica’ as one of the most mysterious place in this world. The sight is arresting: a blood-red waterfall staining the snow-white face of Taylor Glacier. Recent research has revealed this mystery. Microorganisms are living 1,300 feet beneath the ice, sustained by the iron and sulfur in water, which causes the mysterious red flow. Magnetic Hill, Moncton, New Brunswick is a very famous tourist place cause an automobile to roll backward uphill. The magnetic hill is an example of gravity hill. Surtsey, Iceland is another mysterious place that is known as volcanic island. Before 1963, it didn’t exist. Then, due to an underwater volcano, it came into existence. Another famous place Mount Roraima is the highest of pakaraima mountain chain. Covered by the dreamy clouds, the top of Mount Roraima is actually flat, resembling the structure of a sprawling plateau. This makes it more amazing. The fact that the vegetation and wildlife visible in abundance here, makes this place more strange and mysterious. The Nevada Desert in the United States is another place that is really weird. It is basically known as the Fly Geyser. This however is not a tourist spot, because of that reason it is not open to public.

Gavin Manerowski reminds the Neil Armstrong’s famous quote, “Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man’s desire to understand.” We often associate the word ‘mystery’, with the unknown. When something is unable to describe or explain, that becomes mysterious. Human nature is full of curiosity regarding the wonders. It’s an amazing feeling to know about the mysteries around us.

Things To Do On Your Belize Vacation


Belize is a small country, but it is packed with adventure and culture. The most interesting thing about Belize is that, it’s one foot is in the Central American jungles and the other is in the Caribbean Sea. Gavin Manerowski recently visited Belize, for him Belize is a traveler friendly place. It is a country on the eastern coast of Central America. Belize is best known for its tropical beauty and outdoor adventures. Because of its amazing places of attraction, Belize has become one of the top travel destinations in the world. Belize Barrier Reef is the second largest in the world, after Australia. It has more than 100 types of coral and some 500 species of tropical fish. Belize Barrier Reef seems like a pure paradise for scuba divers and snorkelers. The Great Blue Hole The most popular dive destination in Belize. This massive sinkhole under the water creates a perfect circle of deep blue water. It gives a breathtaking experience as long as you go deeper into the water. The deeper one dives into the Great Blue Hole, the clearer the water is. It was an amazing experience of diving for Gavin Manerowski.

Gavin Manerowski had an awesome time in Belize. He enjoyed various activities like hiking, sailing, fishing, scuba, birding, canoeing, snorkeling, caving and kayaking. Every activity has their own fun. Hiking is a great way to see many kinds of birdlife, plants and animals. On the Belize Barrier Reef, Gavin Manerowski had his best sailing experience ever. While fishing, he finds Bonefish, permit and tarpon everywhere. Belize is one of the few places where you can fish a Grand Slam—bonefish tarpon all in the same day. Belize provides such an amazing scuba experience that we can never get anywhere else. The water is very clear so you can easily view activity under the surface. The water is always mild with very comfortable temperature. Belize is the home for Over 500 species from time to time. Crooked Tree and the seashores are the famous places of Belize to see migrant and resident water birds. Gavin’s canoeing experience was great. He has paddled through the jungle to see wildlife. Further, while canoeing, he makes his way through little villages to get a look at how life is in less traveled areas. Snorkeling is an adventurous experience to know, what is going under water. Everything you will see something different and new.

Gavin Manerowski says that Belize is a lovely and a very comfortable place. People and culture of Belize will always make you feel welcome and comfortable. It feels like being at home, even if you are far away from your own home. It does not matter that in which month you arrive, there is always something happening. From foodie festivals to cultural celebrations, it can be anything.

Things to See on Your Holidays in Jordan

jordanGavin Manerowski recently visited Jordon. This was a memorable journey for him. Jordon is an amazing place that is named after Jordon River. It is a beautiful place and blessed with a number of wonders. Jordan is located at the crossroads of Asia, Africa and Europe. Jordan is a center of attraction for the visitors of all over the world. It is a very famous place due to its friendly towns, world heritage sites and inspiring desert landscapes. We should allow at least two days to make the most of a visit, specially as the sites are far flung. It could be best seen in early morning and late afternoon, It also require a fair amount of walking.

Gavin Manerowski is a food lover also, he enjoyed the famous dishes of Jordan like hummus and Ful medames. Gavin really enjoyed the national dish of Jordan, that is mansaf. Mansaf dish consists of a plate of rice with boiled meat in thick yogurt and sprayed with nuts or herbs. As an old tradition Gavin enjoyed that dish with hands and that makes it more delicious. Simple fresh fruit is often served towards the end of a Jordanian meal.

Gavin Manerowski appreciates this country because of its spirit of generous optimism – opening its arms to strangers. In whole world, Jordan is renowned for the production of olives, in Jordan olive oil is the main cooking oil. Gavin visited the famous amazing places in Jordan and loves to share his wonderful experience. He visited Azraq Wetlands – located in the heart of the arid Eastern Desert. It was a perfect place for nature walk. Gavin had beautiful birds watching experience over there.  He also visited Dana, that is a village near the town of Tafilah, in central-western Jordan. Dana was an amazingly beautiful natural place, such a peaceful environment that no one would like to leave. He visited Wadi Rum, known as the valley of the moon. He Experience the environment of the open desert covered by sheer mountains and vast, silent panoramas. The most amazing place that Gavin has visited in Jordan is – The dead sea. The dead sea is a salt lake that is bordered by Jordan to the east and Israel and Palestine to the west. Floating in the Dead Sea is a wonderful experience. Perfect place to enjoy beautiful sunsets at the lowest point on earth.

Gavin Manerowski feels blessed to get such amazing experiences of beautiful places among world. Jordan trips is a “Trip of Lifetime” for him. He got connected with nature, enjoyed food, experienced new culture. Jordan is better and safer travel option than any of its neighbors. We all should visit this amazing place.

Choose Cambodia Holiday Tours For An Unforgettable Experience

cambodia TravelCambodia is a small geographical location that fully explores its tourism potential. This country is slowly recovering from historical restrictions and turning into a wonderful vacation destination. Cambodia is home to some of most stunning and magnificent view that is its main attraction. These feature range from ancient temples, untouched islands, densely forested region, exotic sandy beaches, and some of the best architectural sites. Cambodia is a unique location for vacation given its rich cultural history and heritage, wonderful natural features, and ever friendly Cambodian population. The country has an adequate infrastructure, wonderful locations, and very delicious Cambodian cuisine. There are a number of places that are highly recommended for visitors to this magnificent country.

The Angkor is one of the top tourist attractions in Cambodia. There is a huge and ancient temple features the remaining of the famous Khmer Empire. The Angkor war temple features the unique ancient architecture and it is known to be one of the world’s largest religious monuments. The pillar depicts excellent architectural as well as artistic work.

Gavin Manerowski traveled to a wonderful region which is SihanoukVille. The native commonly refers to this location as Kampong Som. The water is cool and relaxing. It features a number of Exotic white sandy beaches and tropical islands yet to be explored. The water is cool and relaxing. Tourist from all over the world visits the location to relax and enjoy all the activities taking place on the beaches. Those who love sightseeing are sure to enjoy the silver pagoda. This location is within the Phnom-Penh. It features numerous Buddha statues. A famous Buddha statue is located that was made in the 17th century is studded with emerald and diamonds. The wall of silver pagoda is decorated with the artistic murals that depict the Ramayana mythology. The Preah Vihear temple is another exclusive location full of temples that is dedicated to Hindu God Shiva.

Another major tourist hub in Cambodia is the Siem reap. This small but lively town is located close to the Angkor temples. The town has many unique markets and restaurant that can offer the best food. Another natural feature that is worth the attention of any tourist willing to explore Cambodia fully is the Tonle Sap. This fresh water lake has a huge dumbbell shape, making it one of the major distinctive landscapes of Cambodia.

Finally, you should experience the blazing trekking trails of Phnom Penh. This area is suitable for all outdoor enthusiasts interested in a little exercise. The exotic land is one of the things that always appreciate, that spending any time in the kingdom of Cambodia traveling. The look is derived mostly from the Khmer hermitage where Cambodia was the largest and most popular culture in the South East Asia for many centuries. A large number of the Buddhist temples called “WATS” are the largest and the highest of the building in the rural building of Cambodia. These magnificent sparkling temples stand over the countryside, very similar in location on hill tops, but larger for the most parts, than most of the rural churches in the west.

The Cambodian countryside has millions of sugar palm trees, interspersed in the vast rice paddies that provide a unique Cambodian look. The planting of sugar palms was initiated by decree of monarchy, which create the dominance of the landscape, by this particular tree. The sugar palm has a distinct circular crown, and is prodigious, producer of coconut, a staple in the Khmer diet. The one thing you can’t miss is the smile and endless hello’s you will get while traveling to their.

It is famous for its tourism and textile worldwide. The country is famous for its temples. The Bayon temple and Banteay Srei temple are some of the most admired temples by tourist. Cambodia is a small country to travel around and is an excellent destination, which help the traveler to explore the different kind of country in a much stipulated period of time. The main cultures in Southeast Asian countries are Buddhism, that’s why you will see lots of temples related to Buddhism. After traveling around the Cambodia you can travel around the border of Vietnam, Laos, and many border countries. So go and visit the kingdom of wonder and you will know why it is so.